What is RefereeToolbox?

RefereeToolbox is a java package implementing combination operators for fusing evidences.

RefereeToolbox is based on an interpretation of the fusion rules by means of Referee Functions. This approach implies a dissociation between the definition of the combination and its actual implementation, which is common to all referee-based combinations.
As a result, RefereeToolbox is designed with the aim to be generic and evolutive. It is composed of three distinct classes of objects:
  • A class for the logical representation of the information; this class is generic and incremental; are yet implemented structures as:
  • Powerset,
  • Free Boolean algebra,
  • Superpowerset, 
  • Open/closed hyperpowerset,
  • ...   make yours!
  • A class for defining  the referee functions; this class is generic and incremental; are yet defined referee functions for:
    • Dempster-Shafer combination,
    • Disjunctive combination,
    •  Dubois&Prade combination,
    • PCR6 combination,
    • PCR# combination,
    • ...   make yours!
  • A class defining the Basic Belief Assignment, and related processes; this class is generic and incremental; two referee-based approaches are implemented for computing combinations:
    • An exact approach associated with a relaxation of the focal elements, so as to handle the combinatorics,
    • A sampling-based approach.
The generic implementation of RefereeToolbox makes possible to combine these three classes and their instances without restriction.

Last release: Version ZERO.0.1 - released on 2010-March-8, Monday.